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9 Products of Bearaby That Will Help You Sleep Well

Do you want to have a peaceful and comfortable sleep? There’s nowhere to go but Bearaby. This shop offers items that will help you get enough sleep at night. This way, you wake up feeling motivated and with lots of energy to accomplish tasks. They offer natural ways to sleep well. Their products are free of harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. Their main goal is to help you take care of yourself by sleeping well. Here are all products of Bearaby to help you sleep well naturally.


1. Cotton Napper

This napper is a weighted blanket that will hug you until you fall asleep. This is knitted and made of organic cotton. This makes it super soft and comfortable. You won’t feel sweaty under it. Organic cotton is also a tough and safe fabric material.


2. Velvet Napper

This blanket is luxuriously cozy. This is perfect for snuggling up during the cold season. This is also made with sustainable eco-velvet so it’s safe and natural. Since it’s a weighted blanket it will help you sleep deeply.


3. Tree Napper

If you have a body that gets easily hot under bed covers, this is the blanket for you. This blanket has soft fabric material that is cool and won’t trap heat when you’re wrapped around it. This is made of TENCEL.


4. Hugger

This is much bigger so it’s perfect for the king or queen-sized beds. It’s perfect for couples looking for a cozy and cool blanket. This is a weighted blanket. These kinds of blankets are tested to help you sleep well.


5. Travel Napper

It is difficult to get a good sleep away from the comfort of your bed at home. Make sure to pack this travel napper when you travel. It will help you wind down and get a good sleep no matter where you plan to explore. This comes with a duffel bag.


6. Nappling

Looking for a smaller version of the cozy napper from Bearaby? Get their nappling. This is their weighted blanket for children. It will help your kids get their much-needed sleep for a faster metabolism.


7. Cuddler

If you are someone who can’t sleep without a pillow to hug, this is for you. This long pillow is very flexible. You can tie it and make it bigger for better cuddling. This is made from plant-based Melofoam.


8. Hugget

Sometimes it’s the tension in our bodies that hinders us from getting quality sleep. You have to release this tension first to calm down your body and wind down. This hugget is perfect for this job.


9. Cuddle Cover

Or if you already have a body pillow but need a more comfortable cover for it, you can go for this cuddle cover. This can soothe your senses and help you sleep well. It can also suit your style.