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Different Types of Bed Frames to Match Your Mattress Frame

When it comes to picking out the right furniture for your bedroom, the type of bed frame you choose can be just as important as the mattress frame. Whether you’re looking for something classic and traditional or something more modern and unique, there are a variety of bed frames to match your mattress frame.




1. Platform Bed

Platform bed frames are a classic style of bed frame that has been around for ages. A platform bed is a good choice for those who love the look of traditional wooden boats, but with the advantage of being much more lightweight than traditional beds.


2. Layla Adjustable Base Plus

Once you get used to this type of bedframe, you’ll find that it offers you a lot of room to maneuver, making it perfect for those who are tall or short. It is one of the lightest type of bed frames on the market today and can even be placed right in front of a wall if you want a more traditional look.


3. Layla Mattress Foundation

This bedframe is ideal for those who are looking for a bed frame that looks like a platform bed, but offers more of a traditional look. The foundation has a high center post with four legs that supports the mattress and rolls out on either side.


4. Layla Bed Frame

If you’re a fan of contemporary design, you’ll love this bed frame. It offers an elegant look with its clean lines and sturdy structure. The headboard is solid and gives the illusion of a floating bed, while the footboard is open so that it doesn’t detract from the design.


5. Layla Hybrid Mattress

Sleep, lounge, and binge in whatever position you see fit in our remote controlled, motorized adjustable base. With full body articulation, an intuitive wireless remote lets you raise your head or feet independently, program up to 3 one-touch configurations, go flat with one touch, and go Zero Gravity with one touch.


6. Layla Essential Mattress Protector

Each of our mattress protectors starts with a liquid proof barrier that’s breathable and sleeps cool. Three different models offer unique benefits to suit your mattress protection preferences and needs.