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Seven Common Oil Portraits That You Can Order Today

An oil portrait is a painting done using an oil-based medium with mineral or vegetable oil as the paint. The artwork may be either an easel painting or a portable painting with multiple “skins”, surface areas of different textures and colors arranged on a piece of cloth, canvas, board, or panel in order to create the illusion of space. The term “oil-painting” is frequently used because traditionally it has been made by means of this medium. However, many artists now use other media such as acrylics and watercolor to achieve similar effects. Here are the seven common oil portraits:


1. Wedding Oil Portraits

Wedding oil portraits are painted to capture the bride and groom’s true beauty on their wedding day. They are created to commemorate your day with a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that will be treasured forever. The portrait is created by hand using only the finest quality materials, it is frame ready for hanging and comes in different sizes, large or small to suit your decorating needs. Elements of the couple can come alive in their costume, such as lace and satin, pearls or accents like seashells; they can also include symbolic images such as roses or infinity symbols.


2. One Adult Oil Portraits

One of the most prominent types of oil paintings today is an adult portrait. This type of painting can be a way for people to express their emotions and feelings about themselves. One can also use it as a memento for loved ones who have passed away, as well as a way for them to remember their life and accomplishments since they no longer exist in the physical world anymore.


3. Couples Oil Portraits

A couple oil portrait is a work of art that captures the likenesses of its subjects in an oil painting. Whereas traditional artwork for couples are often gifts from one partner to another, there are many instances where paintings created by the couples themselves commemorate their relationship with each other or mark a special occasion. These types of paintings can make incredible mementos and treasures to be passed down through generations, as they help tell stories about how romance evolves over time. Many pictures are based on photographs of the couple, and can also contain elements of humor or special symbolism. Couple oil portrait’s also serve as a form of protection for the couple even after one of them has passed away.


4. Pets(Cats And Dogs) Oil Portraits

Pet portraits are the perfect gift for any occasion, given that it’s personal and shows the love you have for your pet. Artists will often use photos taken by the owner of their pet as reference in order to create an accurate representation of them in their painting. Since each oil portrait is painted exactly like the original pet, it is best to have a photographic image of the pet featured in your painting.


5. Child/baby Oil Portraits

Many people enjoy owning a child/baby oil portrait because it brings up memories for them. For example, a parent might buy an oil paint portrait of their kid at one year old just to remember this special moment from their past with that child. It feels like you can bring life back to that moment as if you are looking at your own memories in front of your eyes. Some people decorate their homes to show how much they cherish their children.


6. Grandparents & Grandchildren oil portrait

An oil portrait is composed of two or more generations of family members. The size of the canvas and the number of people in the painting will depend entirely on what you are trying to convey. While there are no set rules, it is common for grandparents to be placed in the back, with grandchildren and great-grandchildren placed in the foreground. You might be able to see this depiction in any museum or art gallery and they are often quite beautiful!


7. Family Oil Portraits

In the most traditional sense, a family oil portrait is a painting depicting the family. The portraits usually depict both parents and children in any number of poses for an average size canvas. The idea is to capture the dignity, joy and love of the family. It’s often a gift given to relatives or grandchildren after it has been painted by an artist or commissioned from an artist.