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Top 8 Indoor-grown Produce To Pick – Shop For Seedlings

Do you want to grow some produce indoors? Well, growing produce indoors can be a great experience as well as it can help you to get the essentials for cooking and eating. If you are wondering about the best options to grow indoors, then here we are to help you. Read on to know about top 8 best options to consider.

8 Indoor-grown Produce Options:


1. Dwarf Cherry Tomato

Want to grow some cherry tomatoes? Well, this is a perfect option to consider. With petite size and bright red color, this fruit is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and Folate. The flavors are great and you can add this in different dishes.


2. Astro Arugula

This is a great option that you can choose to grow indoors. It can be used in the salad mix. Being a leafy green option, it is very healthy and also comes with a peppery flavor to add. It grows best in mild climates.

3. Sugar Sprint Pea

If you are looking for some plant-based protein option for growing produce indoors, then this is the right one to choose. This is high in fiber, Folate, vitamin A, C and K too.


4. Cilantro

This is a popular herb which is edible from the seed to the root. You can use the leaves as well as the stems. It grows throughout the year. It is loaded with vitamin A as well as vitamin C.



5. Strawberries

Being a great source of calcium, vitamins, iron and magnesium, you can use this for growing indoors too. The growing seasons of strawberries are fall, spring and summer.


6. Ironman Kale Mix

This is a medley of kale textures and flavors that you can try. It grows throughout the year and it is loaded with vitamins, iron, calcium, fiber and more.


7. Garlic Chives

This is an easy growing indoor produce which grows throughout the year. Being rich in iron, vitamins and calcium, garlic chives can be eaten both cooked and raw. You can use this for garnishing too.


8. Rainbow Swiss Chard

This is a multi-colored leafy green option for growing indoors. It is packed with health benefits like vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C. It requires mild climate to grow and it grows all year round. It can be used in different dishes.


These are the top 8 best options that you can choose for growing produce indoors. All these options are really amazing. Besides these, you can choose a few more options like spinach, dill, dianthus and more.