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5 Tips For Pet-Friendly Design In Your Home

The Pet-Friendly design of specific spaces goes beyond being a space suitable for pets, but the design must be strategic so that the animals can be comfortable and that these elements go with the decoration.

When a design is being made it is important to have strategies conditioned to this type of concepts, that is why we leave you these tips that you must take into account in the pet-friendly design of specific spaces in the house:

1. What type of pet will be living and playing in the space: either dogs or cats, it is necessary to know this to design special spaces for pets.

2. Special areas: either in the room, which may have areas for the rest of the pets or special spaces in the living room for coexistence with the family. Here the creativity in the design should be highlighted to become a good usable space for the coexistence of pets and owners.

3. Cleaning protocols: If you plan to have decorations at home, they must be adequate and easy to clean, they must be washable and colored materials that hide dirt, which does not alter the decoration of the space.

4. Play area: in the living spaces, they must have a play area equipped for our pets to play, if it is in the case of dogs they must have chew toys, balls, and more; In the case of cats, it is essential to have scratching posts or furniture and hunting toys so that they burn energy and do not damage home furniture.

5. Promotion: nowadays there are companies specialized in the setting of spaces for pets, so if you don’t feel that they have enough creativity to do it, you can hire specialized people to be able to have a suitable house for our pets.