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How To Create A Vintage Home

Do you need to spend a small fortune when you want to create a vintage home? The vintage look is more popular than ever before. One way of turning your home into a vintage dream on a budget is re-decorating your bedrooms. It does not have to be complicated – a vintage rug and white twin beds would do it.

Why White Twin Beds Are Always A Good Choice

White has always been a popular color when it comes to home decor. Not only does white furniture always look clean, but it is also transitional. When you get tired of your vintage decor and would like a chance, you can still keep the beds. All you have to do is to change the soft furnishings in the room.

Will white twin beds make a room look cold? You don’t have to worry about a room looking cold when you pick the right soft furnishings.

For instance, a brightly colored vintage rug will give the room a warm glow. You should also consider adding cushions and drapes in a matching color. Surprisingly, some gentle pastel colors such as lavender and turquoise can add warmth to a room. Matching rugs, drapes, and cushions will add a feel of homeliness to the room.

The Beauty of Vintage Rugs

You can buy woven vintage rugs at yard sales and online. Also, look out for them on eBay and other online auction sites. They do come up from time to time. The alternative is to make your own. You can do so by knitting or crocheting cotton fabrics together. It is very easy and cost-effective. A vintage rug is easy to knit or crochet on a weekend.

Nothing says vintage bedroom more than a vintage rug and white twin beds. It is the quickest way to turn your bedroom into a vintage sanctuary. As long as you have got the basics right, you can always add other accessories as and when you find them.