8 Office Desks For Home Working and More

It is important to choose carefully which desk to purchase. Whether that is to be used at home or the office, choose a desk that is ergonomic and falls within your budget limit. If it’s ergonomic, the desk will contribute positively to someone’s productivity. It will not cause any disruption or distraction to the person. Here are the 8 best desks that you can choose from.


1. Mode Desk

This desk is a life-saver for workers with a lot of paper documents to handle and organize every day. The desk comes with cabinets below not only for documents but also for office supplies. This will help minimize clutter at the top of the desk which is a working station.



2. Eames 2500 Series Executive Desk

If you think you have worked hard in the past months, you deserve this kind of desk. Upgrade to this luxurious and sturdy-looking desk. This features a unique T-Leg that is not common among desks. This leg makes sure that the desk is stable.


3. Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk

Even though this desk does not understand human commands like Jarvis from Iron Man does, it still makes a durable and sturdy desk in your office. But mind you, the table has a button command. This will make the desk standing or sitting, according to how you need it to be.


4. Airia Desk

This desk features a unique design. It combines a white finish and a wood finish. The desk is a combination of wood and aluminum. The edges are also round and not sharp. It’s great to have a plant at the top of it so you make it more relaxing for the eyes.


5. OE1 Table

This desk prioritizes functionality over aesthetics. It’s minimalistic and features one color pattern. The desk offers a wide working station. You can put organizers at the top if you handle a lot of documents. The desk is very spacious and that’s what is unique about it.


6. Eames Desk Unit

This desk inspires creativity. It’s even described as a masterpiece. It has a Mondrian-inspired finish. What you can immediately notice on the table are the web-like lines under it. These lines provide further support to the desk so it remains sturdy.


7. Edel Table

This is a great working station for interns and those employees who do not handle a lot of documents for work. The table is small in size. It features a cabinet below for office supplies. This is flexible. It can be used for studying or eating.


8. Nelson Swag Leg Desk

This desk features a modern and industrial design. First of all, look at all the storage it can provide. It provides a mini countertop for your drinks. Below are compartments for your office supplies. The working surface is also wide. You can even draw here.