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Top 9 Carpets to Take Your Home Interior to the Next Level

Are you shopping for a perfect carpet for your room? If yes, we have collected the best options here. You can choose one that you feel is most suitable for your home. Each product on the following list has a different design, but in terms of quality, they are all high.


1. Karima Rug, Light Blue

Originated from China, the Karima carpet comes in light blue color and is crafted of 50 percent wool and 50 percent nylon. The carpet offers a dynamic medallion design complemented by beautiful hints of light blue.


2. Zeus Rug, Rust/Beige

The Zeus is an Indian carpet that uses New Zealand wool as its material. It boasts rust/beige color and can be a modern addition to any kind of interior. The hand-knotted carpet is made of high-quality wool and has a great medallion design with luxurious color palette.


3. High Mountain Rug

Featuring an original beige color, the High Mountain uses wool as its material. It draws inspiration from treasured textiles found throughout the American Southwest. This carpet is hand-woven from wool with an oversized scale of the center medallion.


4. Colette Rug, Blue

The blue-colored Colette is originated from China and made of 50 percent wool and 50 percent nylon. In terms of compatibility, it can match living rooms with various decorations. The carpet is designed to easily blend with any interior. There is a dynamic medallion design with a versatile color palette to smarten its look.


5. Fabianne Rug, Mauve/Orange

If you like a mauve/orange carpet, then the Fabianne may be your right choice. It is made in India using New Zealand wool material. Featuring a wonderful color mixture, the product provides you an easy way to update your living room beautifully.


6. Bari Rug, Multi

This carpet comes with a rich, lively color palette bordered by a beautiful frame. No matter where you put it, the Bari will always enhance the appearance of your room. It boasts soft, luxurious wool material that will make your home feel more beautiful and comfortable than ever.


7. Kota Flat-Weave Rug

The indigo/silver carpet is crafted of 72 percent wool, 20 percent cotton, and 8 percent polyester. The flat-weave is produced in India using a combination of cotton and soft wool. It can liven up any room it is added to thanks to its bold geometric design.


8. Lux Rug, Blue

This one is the perfect pick for those who love a stunning carpet with contrasting blue and neutral hues. The Lux is a hand-made wool carpet from India designed to give a face-lift to any space. It has lavish texture and ageless design to complement your interior.


9. Montague Rug, Yellow

Originated from India, the Montague is made of wool, viscose, and cotton. A mixture of fabrics is used for this hand-knotted carpet to give it a great texture underfoot. It comes with an outstanding tribal-inspired design to boost the appearance of any interior.