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8 Organic Bath Towels And Bathrobes You Should Consider Buying

Are you looking for an organic and healthier choice for your home environment? If so, these organic bath towels and bathrobes are worth checking for.



1. Temescal Organic Towels

If you are looking for organic towels that are deliciously soft, fluffy, and light, Temescal organic towels are something that you can consider buying. Besides, these towels are extremely absorbent and dry quickly without extra effort. It is a six-piece set consisting of washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels, two pieces each.


2. Air Weight Unisex Organic Robe

Do you wish to stay wrapped in a soft, lightweight towel? This Air Weight organic robe is made with soft, organic cotton woven to dry quickly in the dryer or even on the hook. It has a unisex design and comes with double belt loops.


3. Organic Robe Unisex Cloud Loom

This organic robe Cloud Loom features a classic shawl-collared silhouette that wraps cozily around your body. Also, the robe comes with side pockets and an adjustable belt as well. The robe is perfectly absorbent and soft while making it look sleeker and smoother.


4. Organic Modern Robe

The fabric in this organic modern robe is inspired by peshtemals that are traditionally used in Turkish hammams. To end it up style, the robe features dog-eared loops and a double-layered belt all tied together.


5. Mediterranean Organic Towels

A flatweave towel is often considered a traditional choice when it comes to toweling and these Mediterranean organic towels are no different. These towels are lightweight and weaved for excellent absorption. The set includes 2 wash clothes, 2 guest towels, and 2 bath towels.


6. Organic Bath Wrap

The performance and comfort that you get from this organic bath warp are different from ordinary ones because they are designed to give you an unmatched experience at home. The bath warp looms from pure cotton which helps in quick drying as well. It comes with adjustable buttons and a large pocket at the hip.


7. Organic Short Robe For Women

The jersey knit along with a perfectly peached finish gives this organic short cotton robe the best touch when it comes to both performance and comfort. The robe features dog-eared loops, a collar band, and box sleeves for easy adjustability. Also, it comes with a 2-inch hemline at the knee.


8. Organic Waffle Robe

The last one on the list of the best organic bath towels and bathrobes is the waffle robe made from organic cotton. The best part is that it stays soft from day one and continues with every wash. It has a unisex styling with a comfy fit.