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Premium Wood Pellets You Should Try

Are you looking for the best wood pellets to use in your pellet grill or smoker? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of 6 premium wood pellets that you should try for the ultimate grilling and smoking experience. Each of these pellets offers a unique flavor profile, perfect for any dish you’re looking to make. So, grab your favorite wood pellets and let’s get grilling:


1. Traeger X Whistlepig Whiskey Barrel Pellets

Traeger Whiskey Barrel pellets are one of the premium pellets that offer a true whiskey flavor. They have been mixed with a hearty mix of 25% real American whisky, which gives a complex and deep flavor. These pellets also include an American oak and beechwood blend, which gives them a more nutty taste. Even though they are made from a blend of hardwoods, they still burn beautifully, giving out less smoke than many other woods due to their high burn temperature (1200 ).


2. Traeger Bold Blend Wood Pellets - Limited Edition

Traeger Bold Blend pellets are made with a mix of hardwood, including: hickory, apple, mesquite and oak. This mix provides a unique blend of flavors for the smoker. The burn temperature is high enough to provide an even heat distribution that allows you to use less wood than other pellets; therefore these burn more cleanly. During testing, Traeger Bold Blend pellets burned at a very hotter temperature than any other pellet in their class – even using more wood than Traeger Smokey Mountain Pellets (75%).


3. Traeger Brisket Blend Wood Pellets - Limited Edition

Traeger Brisket Blend pellets are made from a blend of hickory, apple and oak. These pellets are blended for better performance and taste, as well as a more consistent burn. These burn very hot, producing lots of smoke. The wood blend was developed to produce 2x the smoke volume relative to hickory and oak alone. With a very high burn temperature (1250 ), these pellets produce lots of smoke fast and consistently, which is ideal in slow or controlled smoking applications.


4. Traeger Signature Blend Wood Pellets

Traeger Signature Blend pellets are made from a blend of hardwood, including: hickory, apple, cherry and oak. These pellets produce the best flavor and burn cleanly at a high temperature (1250 ). This blend was developed by Traeger with the goal to deliver flavor that is milder than hickory, but bolder than apple or cherry. These can be burned in any type of smoker or grill.


5. Traeger Turkey Blend Wood Pellets + Brine Kit

Traeger Turkey Blend pellets are made from a combination of hardwood, including: hickory, cherry, apple and oak. These pellets burn faster than most other pellets. The Turkey Blend produces a rich flavor that goes great with any smoked dish. It also includes a Brine Kit, which is specially blended to add moisture to your meat and impart a light brine flavor that is sure to up your turkey game. Each Brine Kit will season 1 turkey weighing up to 20 pounds